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Who is Mr Mark ?

His real name is Mark Cameron but he's been known to countless kids and their families as Mr. Mark, creator of wild and wonderful music for kids to sing and dance to. Armed with a truckload of enthusiasm and a truckload of instruments, his shows are always lively and engaging! 

Mark Cameron has been performing as "Mr Mark" since 2002. During this time he has  performed his high energy one man show for many festivals including, The Winnipeg International Children's Festival, The Banff Centre for the Arts, St. Alberts International Children’s Festival,  Alianait Festival in Iqaluit, The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival, The Hillside Festival, and many more festivals across Canada. 

From 1990 till 2018, Mark Cameron was a percussionist/accompanist for Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, where the kids named him “Mr Mark”. He has composed music for innumerable dances, on countless instruments, or even things that most people would not consider instruments. A washboard, a turkey baster, or a musical trench coat! 

Beginning in 1997 till 2018 Mr Mark was also  a very popular artist and clinician with The  Manitoba Arts Council's Artist In The Schools Program, sharing his enthusiasm and Musical know-how, with kids across the province.

From its inception in 1997, Mr Mark has been a part of  The Winnipeg International Children’s Festival’s Circus and Magic Camp, where he creates orchestras out of junk, with the help of the fabulous "Camp kids" in Winnipeg. 


 Mr Mark loves the music of the symphony and has  created many symphony shows for kids!  For the last 13 seasons Mr Mark has partnered with The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, writing, staging, performing and composing for their very popular Kids concerts series. In May 2022, Mr Mark  performed with The Regina Symphony Orchestra in a  show he created called The Adventures Of JS Box.  A story of all the fun you can have with your imagination, and a Jumbo Sized Box ! In January 2023, The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra staged Mr Mark’s Symphony show for kids called  Melodious Prime vs The Boyz of Noise.  A story where the audience must help our superhero save the orchestra from the exploits of the evil Boys on Noise!  In November 2024, The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra will present The Adventures of JS Box  and SymphonyNB  will produce an original Holiday Show created by Mr Mark.  All of these kid friendly shows created by Mr Mark introduce children and their families to the wonders of symphonic music. 

So whether you're singing the praises of Macaroni and Cheese or going on an adventure with the symphony orchestra....... you'll wind up wigglin' and gigglin' and wantin’ more..... Mr Mark !!

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